HeartWell Counseling, LLC

Pulling our hearts out of the darkness of our wells

HeartWell Counseling strives to bring everyone's hearts out of the darkness of their wells and into the light. What does this mean? We want to help each and every person to see the potential within themselves to achieve whatever goals they desire, despite the backgrounds they've had, while working through the events that have led them to where they are today.

Struggling with figuring out how to balance all of the parts of life? Feeling anxious about a new change or transition in your life? Struggling with re-learning how to handle life without substances? Fearful of what others will think if you follow your heart? HeartWell can help.

HeartWell Counseling focuses on helping people of all ages identify their worth and purpose in this world, bringing light and life to each person who may be struggling through the use of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, solution focused therapy, and a systemic, trauma-informed mindset. HeartWell can assist with addiction support and recovery, codependency support and recovery, transitions and difficulties throughout one's life, trauma processing, and accountability toward achieving one's life goals.

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